Simple skincare

I’ve never really been into skincare as much as I have recently and I thought why not make a blog post about it. This is my first ever blog post about beauty/skincare so you never know I may start to make a thing of it. Anyway I thought I would share with you my morning skincare routine and my evening routine. As the title states it is super simple and easy to do. Most of the products I use are from The Body Shop as they always have worked wonders for my skin so I like to stick with what I know!

Morning routine

During my morning routine as soon as I wake up I instantly go to grab my Body Shop tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser. This is only £6 and it works wonders just pump it onto your hands and gently massage in to your skin to feel refreshed and cleansed. After cleansing I then use my Pixi Skintreats glow tonic which is an exfoliating toner to exfoliate and tone my face. I poor a few drops onto and cotton pad and wipe gently around my face which leaves a beautiful glow. The small travel bottle I use in my photos is £10 however they have a larger bottle for £18 also.

The last two items I use in my morning routine are from the Body Shops Vitamin E range which is the Vitamin E moisture cream and the Vitamin E eye cream. Now these are both two of my go to products when ever I visit The Body Shop I always make sure I keep these items topped up in my skincare draw. The moisture cream is £13 and the eye cream is also £13 which isn’t too bad really I don’t think!! So that is all I do for my morning routine (I told you it was simple).

Evening routine

For my evening routine it is super simple again. If I am wearing make up I use Garnier micellar water on a cotton pad to take my make up off. After I them wipe my face over again with my Pixi Skintreats glow tonic like I do in the morning to make sure all the make up has been taken off my skin. The next thing I use is The Body Shop aloe soothing night cream. I find sometimes I wake up with dry and dull skin and whenever I wear this night cream it always sorts me out for in the morning. This is only £14.

To finish off, I like to look after my eye area. So I use the Nip+Fab no needle fix eye cream which targets puffy eyes and dark circles. This was on offer for £7.45 at Superdrug however I think it is normally around £15. To finish I use some vita coco coconut oil just to put some on my eyelashes as it makes my eyelashes stronger and longer over time.

“The best cosmetic is great looking skin”

You can purchase my skincare routine here:

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

Pixi: Glow Tonic

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Cream

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Eye Cream

Garnier: Micellar Water

The Body Shop: Aloe Soothing Night Cream

Nip+Fab: No Needle Fix Serum

Vita Coco: Coconut Oil



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