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It’s 2018. Happy New Year everyone! One of my new year resolutions is to ensure I give myself time and have time to myself. So this is just a little insight to my own relaxtion. Many people have different interpretations of relaxing and relaxing is completely different to everyone depending what what people enjoy and what people don’t enjoy. Since starting back at University I’ve been trying to make sure I am making time for ‘relaxing’ and making time for myself, as it it quite stressful trying to fit everything in. So I thought I would share with you, how I am going to try and relax and how I wind down after a day at university or a long day at work.


One of the first ways I enjoy to wind down is by sipping on a glass of wine during the evening. If I feel like I’ve had the most stressful day I will run hot bubble bath, use my favourite The Body Shop tea tree facial mask and take a dip and take my glass of wine with me. If gives me time to myself and really lets me reflect on events through out the day and plan my upcoming days. I sometimes play some soothing acoustic music whilst in there as acoustic is my favourite and really uplifts my mood.


I do not always turn to alcohol and a bubble bath (of course), I love lighting candles. Whether I have the candle in the bath or just lit in my bedroom whilst I am chilling – there is just something so soothing about candles. Recently I have been gifted some beautiful candles from Fern&Coco. The #GIRLBOSS is my absolutely favourite and has the most calming scent of black pomegranate. These candles are Β£24 each and you can buy them directly from Fern&Coco Etsy store.

Alternatively, I’m one of those people that actually enjoy exercising and find that it really brings up my mood and makes me feel good about myself. So I tend to go to the gym and do some classes everyday after University, it keeps my health up but is also a helps keep a positive mind set. It also helps release any anger or stress that I’ve build up through out the day. So when I finish my class or session I feel extremely stress-free.

Seeing my friends and chilling out over lunch is another one of my ways to unwind. I always feels friends are a huge impact of your feelings and can make you feel much better whenever you see them, so I try to fit in as much time as I can to catch up with my friends to have giggles, fun and good food.

Lastly, and one of my favourites, I love having a lazy day at home with my boyfriend whether thats watching films all day, taking my dog for walks or just dossing about the house. I always feel ten times better after I spend a day off with him and spending chilled time together.

Well thats that, what are your favourite ways to wind down and relax? Can you me any advice on more ways to unwind?



  1. October 20, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    Having a lazy day at home is the best! Just not feeling like you have to do anything at all is bliss!

    • Jade Spall
      October 21, 2017 / 6:30 am

      Literally love that feeling!

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