Copenhagen in Winter

My Top 4 places to visit

Tivoli Gardens


Tivoli Gardens in winter is the most magical place. You’ll definitely want to visit both during the day and during the evening when it gets dark as it looks beautiful. Tivoli is an amusements park and pleasure garden, which is the home to many rides, beautiful gardens and yummy restaurants. It beautiful for capturing those perfect photos (honestly I couldn’t stop taking photos when I went).  You’ll not want to miss out on this perfect day out for everyone, couples, families and friends.

Christmas Markets


During December there is no better place to visit than the Christmas market. Copenhagen has lots of Christmas markets you can visit all with a variation of stalls but with the same Christmas and festive spirit. You can walk around a grab some Nutella filled crepes to eat, or sit down and drink a cup of mulled wine. There are lots of things to see and do at the Christmas markets and you’ll definitely leave feeling extremely festive. Don’t forget you can also buy lots of hand made crafts and decorations and these markets (perfect for putting on the tree or giving as a gift for when you get home).

Copenhagen Street Food, Paper Island


This was a place we randomly found ourselves in on our last day. We didn’t plan visiting, we just were walking and found it and oh my I am so glad that we did! A hall filled with loads and I mean loads of variations of food. From burgers, to macaroni cheese to pancakes and curry. Whatever your taste buds fancy you’ll will definitely and I can guarantee you will not leave feeling hungry. It shared a beautiful atmosphere, will scenic views for a chilled afternoon.



The most scenic view in Copenhagen, you can take a walk along Nyhavn canal and grab some lunch in the restaurants just opposite the river. You could even sit down for a hot drink outside as most cafes and restaurants provide blankets and thermal heaters. How cosy does that sound? If you are going on a couple romantic trip away you could also place a locket on the bridge to show that extra bit of romance. You definitely do not want to miss Nyhavn on your visit to Copenhagen.


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