Sprinkling Ourselves in Flowers

When I think of anything floral with pretty scents & flowers blooming, I immediately think of Spring, and even though it is still fairly chilly outside we have now finally reached spring season ready for the warmer and nicer weather to finally reappear. Anyone else scream inside when they think of the warmer glorious weather that hopefully is just around the corner? Because I definitely do! Theres nothing that shouts spring more than perfumes and fragrances with a floral, bright scent and I’m a big believer of switching up and changing your perfumes now again, so why not change your perfumes with the seasons? I thought I would share with you my Spring Perfume Wishlist for any of you who are looking around for new perfume or just want to switch up your perfume collection for spring.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by L’Occitane.

L'Occitane Perfume

Spring Perfume Wishlist

L’Occitane Terre De Lumière

“An unexpected fusion of mesmerising gourmand notes and aromatic freshness”

Did you even realise L’Occitane made perfume? Because I didn’t until just recently. This perfume was the first fragrance by L’Occitane and it comes in a gorgeous warm golden bottle. The perfume consists of delicious honey and almond, devine lavender, pink pepper and amber and settling with acacia and tonca bean. This perfume retails at a starting price of £59.00 (50ml) and can be bought in either a 10ml (travel size), 50ml and 90ml. Definitely one to add to my ‘To-Buy List”.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Whenever I ask anyone what perfume they are wearing 8/10 they are wearing this. This perfume which retails at a starting price of £52.00 has be a classic favourite which I love the smell of. With its black coffee for a shot of adrenaline, its white florals to instantly seduce and a dash of vanilla for sweetness and sensuality, its perfect if you are after that seductive vibrant scent. It comes in a gorgeous black sparkling bottle which is perfect for the dressing table to keep it glam.

L’Occitane Verbena

Verbena is an Eau De Toilette which is described as a bright and dazzling scent to awaken the body and mind. This fragrance retails at a price of £46.00 (100ml). This scent is delivered by notes of verbena mingled with a rosy base of geranium and lemon tree. Verbena comes in a tall clear class bottle which is will bring a breath of fresh air. Whilst it will energise the sciences and help banish tiredness, it is a true indulgence for moments of total relaxation.

Roberto Cavalli Signature 

I remember getting this as a gift one year from a friend and I never realised how much I loved this perfume until I tried a tester out the other day in a perfume shop. The perfume is said to “embody an independent, joyful, free and confident woman who has glamour in her veins”. This perfume retails at a starting price of £35.00 and delivers amber floral scents, with bursts of orange blossom for an unforgettable fragrance.

L’Occitane Arlesienne

A gorgeous pink Eau De Toilette which defines femininity and joy. Arlesienne is the floral of floral fragrances on the market. It unfolds the musks of flowers such as saffron, rose and violet. It also contains citrus bursts of bergamot which brings the whole fragrance to life and freshens and brightens the floral notes. This fragrance retails at £56.00 (75ml) and also has matching bath & shower gel and also beauty milk for the full floral creamy touch which gives the irresistible feminine vibe.


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