Are you ready for the biggest scare experience in Norfolk? PS just remember, screaming won’t help….

Last Saturday I was kindly invited to PrimEvil’s press event *gifted experience* to be put through my paces, experience all the attractions and to encounter a scare experience that made me jump, laugh and run for my life.

PrimEvil has 5 attractions in which you can experience:

Circus of Terror
A funhouse where the clowns will entertain your with surprise rooms, obstacles, corridors and non-stop twists and turns. Laughter turns into screaming, walking turns into running. Will you make it out or end up becoming part of the clown family?

Forest of Fear
A long walk where the hillbillies have taken root deep in the forest. Through the forest you encounter the whole family… TOP TIP: Stay close to your group…

Mayhem Manor Hotel
The hotel is under new management, trapped in time. You venture through the different rooms and corridors with hidden surprises. Will you make it out of the mayhem manor alive?

The Crypt
The nuns have returned to St Cuthberts and are taking back their religious order. You will find whispers of lost children, footsteps and sisters. Be careful where you step, you do not want to disturb.

The spiders have become infected. BE WARNED, they like to bite. To escape you must keep to the path, move swiftly and quickly and watch out for the wrong turns. Good luck!

Luckily, we managed to visit every attraction and I can say the Mayhem Manor was my favourite (even If I did run out of the house quickly and trip and fall over outside)… YES its that’s creepy.

If you haven’t booked your tickets, make sure you do.


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